Module 3 Assignment

Please submit the following assignment prior to Sunday at 11:59 pm. Eastern time:

Assume you are the owner of a business known as “Steve’s Gun Shop” (although your name might actually be Harriette.) Bob, the Customer, somebody who you know well, wants to buy a Glock 9 19 pistol from you. You took the gun in trade and you allowed $350 on that trade. You and Bob negotiated a sale price of $465 for it. Bob wants the gun now (he has all the legal papers and he is both of age and sound mind) but he only has $250. Write up a contract of sale. You make up the terms. Please submit that contract in a Microsoft Word document in the following format: Potter.H. Business Law 303 Module 3 agreement. (substitute your name for Harry Potter’s here.)

Rubric for Assignment submission



Points possible


Student posts contract containing names of parties, date, and all pertinent data to form a contract for the sale of the product.



Total Points possible